Friends of ICP Library Toast Ishiuchi Miyako

On Tuesday afternoon, 16 September, a small gathering of Friends of ICP Library, artists, curators and ICP supporters celebrated Ishiuchi Miyako, this year’s Hasselblad winner at a reception in Bacaro on Division Street as guests of ICP Trustee and Friends of the Library Co-Chair Stephanie Shuman and esteemed gallerist and publisher Andrew Roth.

001 Toast to the Hasselblad Award 2014

A toast to artist Ishiuchi Miyako

kevin downs_ishiushi1087

Filmmaker Linda Hoaglund, Ishiuchi Miyako and Mitch Epstein.

kevin downs_ishiushi730Zoe Leonard meets Ishiuchi Miyako.

kevin downs_ishiushi733ICP Curator Christopher Phillips presents Asia Art Archive’s Jane Debevoise to Ishiuchi Miyako.

002 Ishiushi and ICP director Mark Lubell

ICP Director Mark Lubell with Ishiuchi Miyako.

kevin downs_ishiushi1022Miyuki Hinton, Christopher Phillips, Aya Tomoka and Ishiuchi Miyako.

005 Ishiuchi and Andrew Roth

Andrew Roth and Ishiuchi Miyako at Bacaro

From the Hasselblad nomination:

During a period of 35 years Miyako Ishiuchi has established an international career, which is both impressive and highly significant. Her strength of character and uncompromising vision has resulted in some of the most powerful as well as personal representations of postwar Japan.”

 “Here and Now: Atomic Bomb Artifacts, ひろしま/Hiroshima 1945/2007-” at Andrew Roth Gallery 160a East 70th Street

Saturday, 27 September 12:00-1:00 pm in The Classroom at the Printed Matter New York Art Book Fair at PS1

Here and Now by Ishiuchi Miyako
The 2014 recipient of the Hasselblad Award for excellence in photography, Ishiuchi Miyako has been photographing artifacts from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum archive since 2007. PPP Editions has published Here and Now, a limited edition artist’s book, presenting the most comprehensive survey of this on going project to date. To discuss this book and Ishiuchi’s Hiroshima project, the artist will be interviewed by Christopher Philips, Curator of Photography at ICP in New York. They will be joined by translator Linda Hoaglund, who produced Things Left Behind in 2013, a documentary film about the photographs Ishiuchi has made at the Hiroshima archive. Presented by Andrew Roth and PPP Editions.

If you would like to visit the ICP Library and learn more about Ishiuchi Miyako and her photo books, please contact us at or (212) 857-0004.





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