Notable New Acquisitions of 2013

Vitturi, Lorenzo, and Sam Berkson. Dalston Anatomy. London: Jibijana and SPBH editions, 2013. For Dalston Anatomy, Lorenzo Vitturi  embedded in London’s Ridley Road Market making sculptures and collages with materials he found in the marketplace’s debris. The work mimics the makeshift nature of the market itself. Dalston Anatomy, the monograph, depicting this work, is bound in Vlisco fabrics in bright… Continue reading Notable New Acquisitions of 2013

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A Prime Number of Photo Books for 2013

In lieu of the excess of photo books that appear now, I will limit my list for 2013 to items that animate my interests, rather than a hierarchy of quality. My interests for 2013 include: nineteenth century "hidden mothers", war photography, industrial photography, documentation, snapshots. All are items related to constructions of memories and histories;… Continue reading A Prime Number of Photo Books for 2013

Ten photobooks from 2013

  There are other great photobooks. Of course there are many others, and my colleagues have selected some of them and therefore I felt that I didn’t have to. Then again there is also a little duplication. So here we are and these are the ten photobooks I have selected for 2013 and I thought… Continue reading Ten photobooks from 2013