The Woodmans – Francesca Woodman – Robert Stevens

What happens when an artist decides to end her career, suddenly? Can we ever look at her creations again, like we might have if she had grown old with them? Can we forget the ending and just look at the work? I guess not. Premiering recently at the Film Forum in New York City and… Continue reading The Woodmans – Francesca Woodman – Robert Stevens

Snow Canvas

Today’s weather brings to mind a beautiful book in the rare book cupboard donated by one of the library’s greatest angels, Frank Arisman. It is Snow Canvas: Ski, men and mountains with the Leica by Professor Stefan Kruckenhauser [Berlin: Photokino-Verlag Hellmut Elsner, c1937].  That’s right, 1937.  It is in English, as it was distributed by… Continue reading Snow Canvas

Cuba on the Verge

Cuba is a hard place to capture: in words, in art, and in photographs. As a student studying at la Universidad de la Habana for four months, I know from experience. When I came back, nobody seemed to understand or respond to my own photographs except for the people who lived with me. I think… Continue reading Cuba on the Verge

ARC Magazine is here!

ARC magazine has arrived in the ICP library - please come in and take a look. It is amazing!!! ART. RECOGNITION. CULTURE. Photographer Nadia Huggins and ICP MFA graduate Holly Bynoe are the driving forces behind ARC Magazine.  ARC press release Arc view sample pages here: ARC The official launch event ICP Museum Bookstore… Continue reading ARC Magazine is here!

“Teeny Academy”

ICP Library launched an experiment on January 15. We invited the small bibliophiles we knew to come in an test drive ICP's new Elmo overhead projector, and library’s collection of photographically-illustrated children’s books and films. The impetus for this was a yearning to go even further at opening our arms to new audiences. When ICP… Continue reading “Teeny Academy”

Library Alumni Power

Each year a dozen or so full-time ICP students toil in the ICP library.  We could not do what we do without them.  It is a great trade-off.  They bring us new and interesting perspectives from their point of view, be it regional, artistic, intellectual, or all.  They get some assistance on their tuition and… Continue reading Library Alumni Power

The Photo League

The Photo League vertical file, new to the ICP Library, contains charmingly hand-lettered, illustrated announcements and invitations as well as press clippings, course brochures, letters to members, and other ephemera outlining the history of this significant cooperative of socially-minded photographers based in New York in the 1930s and ’40s. The Photo League was founded in… Continue reading The Photo League

Un-Contested Winners from the Library’s Vertical Files

Two brochures showed up recently in the vertical files for photography competitions. America’s Many Faces was organized by Edward Steichen for the National Urban League in 1960.  He convened a panel of experts to plan the exhibition, including photographers Margaret Bourke-White, Barbara Morgan, and Gordon Parks, eminent cultural anthropologist Dr. Margaret Mead, and even architect… Continue reading Un-Contested Winners from the Library’s Vertical Files

Whose Eye Am I?

Ylla was a remarkable animal photographer who produced a series of books for children that are instantly recognizable by their characteristic and distinctive graphic design: taxi-cab yellow and bold high contrast black and white photography. ICP has many of her charming books for children: Polar Bear Brothers, The Little Elephant, Here’s Jellybean Reilly, I’ll Show… Continue reading Whose Eye Am I?


Lego, Photography and New York - is there anything more that you really need from a book? This book is delightful and whimsical and in the ICP library TR656.5 N541 2010. Christoph Niemann uses his son’s LEGO to construct and capture everything that says New York City. A Nathan’s hot dog, the Staten Island Ferry,… Continue reading I LEGO NY