Act of Faith by Brian Paumier lands in ICP Library

The International Center of Photography is proud to present its inaugural Friends of ICP Library artist book, Act of Faith: A Soldier’s Manda by Brian Paumier, commissioned by the artist as a thank you to supporters of the ICP Library, who selected it by vote from among 4 finalists in 2013. Brian Paumier worked in… Continue reading Act of Faith by Brian Paumier lands in ICP Library

Recent Japanese Photobook Reprints

Over the last few years, a growing interest in Japanese photoobooks has fueled an explosion in reprints and re-editions of many of the hard to find classic Japanese photobooks of the postwar period. With the cost of the original releases way beyond the budget of average photobook buyers, the reprints have become the only means… Continue reading Recent Japanese Photobook Reprints

In Five Words : An ICP Library Exhibition

Lizzie Himmel: In 5 Words February 7th 2014 at 6pm Lizzie Himmel: In 5 Words, a collaboration between Alison Bradley, Specialist in Photography and Educator at ICP, and Lizzie Himmel.  A conversation centered on five words: "carnal", "surrealist", "spectrum", "form", and "conversation". carnal             surrealist                               spectrum                                                form                                                          conversation In 5 Words… Continue reading In Five Words : An ICP Library Exhibition