Provoke: Takuma Nakahira and Yutaka Takanashi

A few years ago, when I’d go off on a tangent about postwar Japanese photography and photobooks with friends, I’d usually get polite yawns or blank stares. An IT / systems administrator friend would humor me by listening intently and then responding with complete non-sequiturs about LDAP and mail server protocols – to which I… Continue reading Provoke: Takuma Nakahira and Yutaka Takanashi

Painted Photographs of India

Painted Photographs : Coloured Portraiture in India / The Alkazi collection of photography TR103 .P35 2008 Publication produced in conjunction with the exhibition held in September 2008 at The Brunei Gallery, SOAS (University of London), Painted Photographs: Colored Portraiture in India from the Alkazi Collection of Photography. This is great summer reading. A presentation of… Continue reading Painted Photographs of India

One Sunday Afternoon

This spring the two ICP Teen Academy sections of Photo II in Black-and-White: Developing a Narrative spent a Sunday afternoon at the ICP Library preparing for their final productions, which were to be photobooks! The instructors, Lesly Deschler-Canossi and Jaime Schlesinger, brought their remarkable book-makers in on a day the library is normally closed, and… Continue reading One Sunday Afternoon