Hans‐Jurgen Burkard

As I was logging some archives today, I came across an interesting letter handwritten by someone named Hans to someone named Anna. The letter describes Hans’ difficulties in regaining entry to Russia to continue an assignment for the German magazine STERN, and goes on to detail his frustrations with what was happening in the world of photojournalism at the… Continue reading Hans‐Jurgen Burkard

Paris Photo / Books

Last week, from November 10 – 13, Paris became a mecca for anyone interested in photography. With the sprawling international Paris Photo fair at the Grand Palais as the anchor and several satellite fairs and exhibitions occurring throughout Paris, there were plenty of events that showcased photography in all its forms. For the photobook enthusiast,… Continue reading Paris Photo / Books


ICP LIBRARY EXHIBITION: October 28 – December 15, 2011 Talk & Reception: Friday December 2nd, 2011 THE BOOK IS NO IMAGE Pradeep Dalal & Pierre Le Hors The current exhibit in the ICP library window is “THE BOOK IS NO IMAGE” by Pradeep Dalal and Pierre Le Hors. It is selection of 23 photographic based… Continue reading The BOOK IS NO IMAGE

Conveyor Magazine’s second issue, Mapping.

A few nights ago, I saw the first proofs of Conveyor Magazine's second issue, Mapping. Conveyor Magazine is a semi-annual publication with a great mix of emerging and established artists and writers. The inaugural issue, themed Curiosities, released earlier this year was coupled with an exhibition and launch party at 25CPW, an ICP alumni artist-run exhibition space in… Continue reading Conveyor Magazine’s second issue, Mapping.

Punk Rock at ICP: Redux by Joe Ketner

Punk Rock at ICP: Redux Back by popular demand (read: the demand of several vocal library staffers), it's another punk rock dispatch from the ICP Library: Susie J. Horgan. Punk Love. TR681.M86 .H67 2007 Noise and speed were some of the necessary criteria in early punk rock, and hardcore took those qualities even further. If… Continue reading Punk Rock at ICP: Redux by Joe Ketner

New York: Daido Moriyama and William Klein

The urban environment, with its fast pace, constant motion and blur of activity has consistently been a subject for the well-known Japanese postwar photographer Daido Moriyama. Whether contemporary images of his Shinjuku, Tokyo neighborhood or vintage 1971 photos taken during his first trip to New York with close friend and graphic designer Tadanoori Yokoo, Moriyama’s… Continue reading New York: Daido Moriyama and William Klein