Baby Sports Illustrated

Here is a miniature "book" found in the library [2 by 3 inches] - a promotion/prospectus for potential advertisers, giving some sense of what this new magazine, Sports Illustrated, would be like. What it looks like it will be like is a lot of saturated color photographs, which makes this little treasure like an artist's book… Continue reading Baby Sports Illustrated

The “I” in International

Cornell Capa called the International Center of Photography the "Home for Photographers," and he truly welcomed his colleagues from the whole planet. And they flocked to him, and still migrate to the ICP when they pass through Midtown Manhattan, poking their noses into the library and shyly inquiring whether they might take a look. Oh,… Continue reading The “I” in International

An Artist…and the moment of truth

"You appreciate the way it frees you to climb the heights of creativity, with the assurance that at the moment of truth, you and your Nikon are one." This Nikon camera ad from Modern Photography that some observant New Yorker contributor discovered and re-presented, is delightfully like the provocative advertising depicted in "Mad Men," down to the… Continue reading An Artist…and the moment of truth

ICP Library Committee at the Adam Fuss Studio

ICP Library Committee #30 Monday, October 17 2011 Adam Fuss Studio Adam Fuss, The Space Between Garden and Eve, 2011. Daguerreotype, 23 1/2 x 38" On Monday night the library committee of the ICP library were the privileged guests of the extraordinary artist Adam Fuss. At this amazing event, Adam graciously spoke to us about… Continue reading ICP Library Committee at the Adam Fuss Studio

Hello Japan!

This past September, photographer John Gossage and bookdealer Harper Levine traveled to Japan to scout for books in Tokyo’s Jimbocho book district, to take photographs for a forthcoming Gossage book, and to meet with Japanese photographer Kazuo Kitai. Below are excerpts from a recent conversation with them about their trip and their interest in Japanese… Continue reading Hello Japan!

Hippocratic Oath of a Photographer

The photo school term has begun and all the new students are now roaming New York with their cameras. These are the halcyon days of image discovery.  But it is here that we would all do well to remember The Hippocratic Oath of a Photographer as written by M.F. Agha for U.S. Camera way back… Continue reading Hippocratic Oath of a Photographer