Orchard – Collaborative Journals by Raymond Meeks

I had the pleasure one afternoon of meeting Kevin Messina who publishes artists books under the Silas Finch imprint. Kevin was generous enough to spend some time showing me the Orchard series of books, each by Raymond Meeks and a different artist. Deborah Luster, Wes Mills and Mark Steinmetz have been collaborators. I came across these books on my visit to Les… Continue reading Orchard – Collaborative Journals by Raymond Meeks

We passed upon the stair. . .

ICP Staff Photograph from 1981 or 1982 . Taken upon the staircase of the Willard D. Straight House (1130 Fifth Avenue, at East 94th Street on the northeast corner). Staff Atlas from the 1981 image John Abrams, Technical Assistant Gideon deMargitay, Planning Consultant Keith Spradlin, Bookkeeper ?? ?? Bedrich Grunzweig, Administrative Associate (volunteer) Anne White,… Continue reading We passed upon the stair. . .

Haley Bueschlen’s Kicking Mao’s Book across Tiananmen

We have recently acquired Kicking Mao's Book across Tiananmen : [After Rainer Ganahl] 1 Day Before the Massacre Anniversary, a darkly playful artist's book by the ICP's own Haley Bueschlen. Haley, who grew up in Beijing as an American citizen, endeavors  to dismantle systems of power between the US and China through photography, video and… Continue reading Haley Bueschlen’s Kicking Mao’s Book across Tiananmen

Year of the Black Snake!

Greetings From Cornell Capa's first trip to China. . .   Sunday, February 10  is Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. The above photograph of a mysteriously disguised Cornell Capa is from his first trip to China. The identity of his companion in this image is as yet unknown. . . Tibetan New Year (aka… Continue reading Year of the Black Snake!

History Contested: Books on Photography in the Middle East

The image of the Middle East has been a subject for photographers since the development of the medium. The first photographic process was announced in France in 1839 and photography quickly came into use in the Middle East by local and foreign practitioners. Histories of photography often concentrate on the work of Western photographers working… Continue reading History Contested: Books on Photography in the Middle East