the whole loaf

The Bread Book by Kenneth Josephson (1973) is a small booklet of twenty pages printed in offset. Starting with the front cover which shows, besides the title, the cap of a loaf of bread, each sheet progressively shows the front and back of all ten slices of a small loaf of bread. The back cover… Continue reading the whole loaf


Front cover of Passion 1970 My summer passion this year is randomly browsing and then unearthing some of the brilliant gems that are here in this great little library of ours. The 1970 SVA Passion class. . . . Passion New York: School of Visual Arts, 1970. R TR179.5.S36 P37 1970 The ‘Objective’ of this… Continue reading Passion

Luc Chessex

The library keeps on giving and a ‘new’ book often emerges from the open and accessible stacks. This is a wonderful booklet from a Venezuelan gallery/publisher  Fototeca from May 1978 with work from the extraordinary photographer Luc Chessex. The book is designed by the enigmatic designer Alvaro Sotillo (the designer of the classic Retromundo by… Continue reading Luc Chessex

Aaron Stern’s I Woke Up in My Clothes

Damiani and the International Center of Photography invite you to join Aaron Stern signing copies of his new book I Woke Up in My Clothes tonight, June 13th from 6-8PM at the ICP Store.Liz Sales: Could you tell us about some of your earliest experiences with photography, as both a viewer and a photographer? What… Continue reading Aaron Stern’s I Woke Up in My Clothes

World Cup Fever

We don’t have a lot of football (soccer) photobooks in the library. Actually we do not have that many in Sports in general – but we have some. I thought I should mention that the largest, most exciting and most important sports festival on the planet shall be opening in Brazil this Thursday. The World… Continue reading World Cup Fever

Asylum of the Birds: an Interview with Roger Ballen

MF: this physical place that you commonly refer to as the asylum is contrastingly a place of refuge and at the same time a place of insanity, and you come back to it... RB: I have been working in these type of places for over thirty years. I am not certain what attracts me to… Continue reading Asylum of the Birds: an Interview with Roger Ballen

Japanese Photobooks at the ICP Library: Revisited

Photobooks are like candy. Temptation is constant. And, if you don’t watch out, your bookshelves begin to bulge and overflow. This necessitates the unpleasant task of making more space for new acquisitions – a process that often requires picking and choosing among your favorite children. Decisions are further complicated by the discovery of books that… Continue reading Japanese Photobooks at the ICP Library: Revisited