Some Photobooks I liked in 2018 (Part Two)

    Aleksey Kondratyev’s Ice Fishers (London: Loose Joints, 2018) is a slim and quiet edition of only fifty two pages with a one page insert of colophon and text. The images are placed on such a perfect whiteness that it is hard to know what we are looking at first. The narrative is that for… Continue reading Some Photobooks I liked in 2018 (Part Two)

Rita Leistner book launch and screening at ICP Library Nov. 7 6-8pm

About the book The medium is the message in this playful and philosophical trans-media crossover book about smartphones, language, photography and war. Rita Leistner, who is a graduate of the International Center of Photography in New York (2000) and has an MA in comparative literature from the University of Toronto (1990), uses the optics of… Continue reading Rita Leistner book launch and screening at ICP Library Nov. 7 6-8pm

Friends of ICP Library Toast Ishiuchi Miyako

On Tuesday afternoon, 16 September, a small gathering of Friends of ICP Library, artists, curators and ICP supporters celebrated Ishiuchi Miyako, this year's Hasselblad winner at a reception in Bacaro on Division Street as guests of ICP Trustee and Friends of the Library Co-Chair Stephanie Shuman and esteemed gallerist and publisher Andrew Roth. A toast… Continue reading Friends of ICP Library Toast Ishiuchi Miyako

David Solo: An Inveterate Photobook Collector

In a loft apartment in the former grand ballroom of a converted pre-war Brooklyn landmark hotel, David Solo is surrounded by floor to ceiling bookshelves punctuated by framed photographs, works on paper and a beautiful collection of Chinese scholar’s stones.  The room’s middle space is taken over by a mammoth antique pool table. It is… Continue reading David Solo: An Inveterate Photobook Collector


In November 2011, Daido Moriyama came to New York for a series of events: a talk at Japan Society with International Center of Photography Curator Christopher Phillips, and Printing Show –TKY, a photobook performance event organized by Ivan Vartanian at the Aperture Foundation. During that time, a plan was hatched for a Daido Moriyama photobook… Continue reading A NYC RESOURCE: THE IMPACT OF THE DAIDO MORIYAMA PHOTOBOOK COLLECTION ON ICP

History Contested: Books on Photography in the Middle East

The image of the Middle East has been a subject for photographers since the development of the medium. The first photographic process was announced in France in 1839 and photography quickly came into use in the Middle East by local and foreign practitioners. Histories of photography often concentrate on the work of Western photographers working… Continue reading History Contested: Books on Photography in the Middle East

Occupy ICP Library

  November 30 | Friday | 6 pm ICP library, School at ICP, 1114 Avenue of the Americas Join us for an unmediated conversation about the Strike Anywhere exhibition exploring the questions it raises about imagery, Occupy, and other forms of protest. This is a chance to connect and compare observations and experiences. We'll discuss both the imagery in the show… Continue reading Occupy ICP Library

Alec Soth at the ICP

Joint ICP Library & Publications Committee Meeting May 7 |  Monday | 6:30 - 8:00pm This past Monday evening the ICP Library Committee hosted the publisher of Little Brown Mushroom, Alec Soth, for an intimate seminar. Library Committee Co-chairs Stephanie Shuman and Evan Mirapaul assembled the line up, Phil Block led the discussion and Jeff… Continue reading Alec Soth at the ICP

Daido Moriyama Pop-Up Library – May 1st 2012

The Prolific, Productive, Brilliant and Legendary - Infinity Award Winning - Photographer  Daidō Moriyama popped into the ICP library on May Day. The pop up library event for Daidō Moriyama was a cool and quiet celebration for one of the true legends of photography. Jazz played, prosecco was sipped and there was a real chilled… Continue reading Daido Moriyama Pop-Up Library – May 1st 2012

Machiel Botman & the Library Committee

Machiel Botman at the Gitterman Gallery Library Committee Meeting, January 31 | Tuesday | 6:30 - 8:00pm The evening of January 31st saw the ICP Library Committee visit the Gitterman Gallery for an evening discussion with the celebrated Dutch artist Machiel Botman. Evan Mirapaul, Buzz Hartshorn and Deirdre Donohue introduced the evening as the audience… Continue reading Machiel Botman & the Library Committee