Lacking Issues – March 31-April 2, 2011

Michelle Leedy's MFA Thesis opens this Thursday night, in near simultaneous conjunction with the MFA group show opening at ICP (1114 Avenue of the Americas, Rita K. Hillman Gallery for Education, Concourse) on Friday Night. MFA Artists' books will be on display in the Library during the opening. It will surely be an awesome time.… Continue reading Lacking Issues – March 31-April 2, 2011

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Modus operandi – March 24-27, 2011

Olimpia Ferrari is an Italian artist living in New York and presenting her ICP–Bard MFA 2011 Thesis Show. She uses photography to express the connection between architectural spaces and the mental and physical realm of thought and emotion. A graduate of the ICP Certificate program, Ms. Ferrari's MFA thesis will explore portraiture and memory with… Continue reading Modus operandi – March 24-27, 2011

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Memories of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Books that are meditations on the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima seem timelier than ever these days. Coincidentally, ICP has a forthcoming exhibition, Hiroshima Ground Zero 1945, which has a book in production now at Steidl. There are a number of great books in our library which endeavor to come to terms with this… Continue reading Memories of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

A small selection of Photobooks from those damp little islands

There is this group of islands off the coast of northern Europe – roughly divided into England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – where sometimes it is extremely beautiful and sometimes it is merely compelling in it's bland ordinariness. At other times these islands are bleak and gritty and yet still other times they are mysterious… Continue reading A small selection of Photobooks from those damp little islands

Little Brown Mushroom at the ICP store – Friday 18th March

Little Brown Mushroom Book signing at the ICP store Friday 18th March, 6pm to 7.30pm The ICP store’s brilliant  Kate Cunningham’s Q&A with Alec Soth can be read here: Q: When did you first decide to self-publish under the name Little Brown Mushroom? What was the first project? . . .and other questions… Continue reading Little Brown Mushroom at the ICP store – Friday 18th March

The Relics of a More Recent Man – March 17th – 20th , 2011

Garret Miller The Relics of a More Recent Man March 17th – 20th , 2011 ICP-Bard MFA Thesis Exhibition My eye is in the viewfinder, I am focusing on a formation of stones in the woods. I project and mirror the people who put them there. I will put the stones there too, and take… Continue reading The Relics of a More Recent Man – March 17th – 20th , 2011

The Photo Book in Argentina

The Photo Book in Argentina is an exploration of specific moments in the history of publishing in Argentina, a history that is little known and rather uneven, but rich with spirited photographic materials. The contents and conditions in which these books were published are remarkably diverse.  Some were made possible by third party initiatives, and some… Continue reading The Photo Book in Argentina

Mo Yi Artist Books

Our estimable colleague, curator Christopher Phillips, advised us to secure the artist books of Mo Yi from Three Shadows in Beijing last year. They form a remarkable set, in a variety of shapes and sizes, all laced with red yarn.  Many of the covers look like political posters, and in their bold designs and photocopy… Continue reading Mo Yi Artist Books

Philippe Gronon’s l’Objet de la Photographie

l'Objet de la Photographie is Philippe Gronon’s gorgeous new monograph devoted to his photographic work from 1989 to 2010, including an assorted series of photographs of objects, including safe doors, electrical panels, lithographic plates, 4x5 negative carriers, and canvas versos.  The work is simultaneously a photographic study of objecthood and a reflection on the photographic practice. Philippe… Continue reading Philippe Gronon’s l’Objet de la Photographie

All about Nayland

Our colleague, Nayland Blake, Chairman of the ICP/Bard Masters degree program, seems to be everywhere lately [including teaching, interviewing candidates, and administrating], and we are scrambling to keep up with collecting it all for now and future scholars. Nayland joined our colleague, curator Kristin Lubben, to moderate a meeting about the Smithsonian’s Hide & Seek… Continue reading All about Nayland