What six of them saw. . .part three

Chester Higgins, Jr 

cornell_capa_papers-higgins_jr-003.jpg“What six of them saw” is a project from 1971 produced by the International fund for Concerned Photography. The original idea of the project was for the young photographers to work on something that they were “into”, some facet of life to investigate during their summer holidays. The age of the participants ranges from 13 to 25; they came from all over the country and their projects were extremely varied and an intriguing.

Chester Higgins, Jr  was a recent graduate in Business Management from Tuskegee Institute in Alabama and these are his posts from the WSTS – What Six of Them Saw project from 1971. Chester had already published a 96 page photo essay in 1970 called “Black Woman” (McCall Publishing Company) and he was already an extremely professional and competent photographer at this point, published in many magazines including LIFE, even though he was still under 25 years old [meeting the criteria for the WSTS project].  Chester was working on his “Black Children” book for this summer project. His mother was an elementary school teacher in Alabama and he was very much deeply connected to this local community. His photographs are simply beautiful.


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