What six of the saw. . . Part four


Cornell_Capa_Papers-Burroughs-005“What six of them saw” is a project from 1971 produced by the International fund for Concerned Photography. The original idea of the project was for the young photographers to work on something that they were “into”, some facet of life to investigate during their summer holidays. The age of the participants ranges from 13 to 25; they came from all over the country and their projects were extremely varied and an intriguing.


Robert J. Burroughs from San Diego, California from the WSTS – What Six of Them Saw project from 1971. His project began on the 4th July . . .”I will put on a pack with everything I need to survive (minus food) and stick out my thumb on interstate 5 and go wherever the cars take me. I will carry my cameras and all the Tri-X I can get my hands on and photograph the people I meet and the ones I get rides with and the places I stay and what I do. I will come back, develop the film and print the pictures if they are successful.”  Thus began “A Hitch-Hiking nomad’s Impression of his Native Land” a project that didn’t always go to plan according to the correspondence between Robert and Cornell and Robert was not entirely happy with the result. However, looking at these images today I feel that it really does capture something of this time.

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