What six of them saw. . . part two


“What six of them saw” is a project from 1971 produced by the International fund for Concerned Photography. The original idea of the project was for the young photographers to work on something that they were “into”, some facet of life to investigate during their summer holidays. The age of the participants ranges from 13 to 25; they came from all over the country and their projects were extremely varied and an intriguing.

What six of them saw. . .

Arthur Sirdofsky was a New York City native and his work from the WSTS – What Six of Them Saw project from 1971 was “A Community Project with Apache Indians”.  It was a profound project about social change in a community that had already suffered virtual genocide, re-organization and now possible termination.  Arthur traveled into the different reservations of the Blackfoot, Ute and Whiteriver Apache and engaged with the radical movements of Indian youth like “Red Power”.  Extraordinary images

Long ago this was their summer. This was their 1971. 


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