Notes on Raising Frogs for $$$

This past weekend, at the Aperture Book Bazaar, I discovered Notes on Raising Frogs for $$$, a guide offering supplementary information and anecdotes to Jason Fulford’s photo book, Raising Frogs for $$$.

I had thumbed through Raising Frogs for $$$ a few times in the past.  It contains a compilation of quiet images and absolutely no frog-breeding instructions. In fact, it barely contains any text at all. It has a title, a dedication (“For Beach Ball, Gussie and Wizard”) and eight chapter headings, each as misleading as the next.

I was not captivated by the book (perhaps due to my own lazy thinking) until I encountered it on The Ice Plant table at the Aperture Book Fair alongside it’s  Cliff’s Notes style compendium.  Notes on Raising Frogs for $$$ is a fun read for fans of Jason Fulford, compendiums and/or absurdism.

Here are a few experts from Raising Frogs for $$$ and Notes on Raising Frogs for $$$ side by side:

Raising Frogs for $$$ (TR655 . F85 2006)

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