As far as no eye can see

So weit kein Auge reicht, Berliner Panoramafotografien aus den Jahren 1949-1952 TR661.M47 2008 Berlin Panoramas 1949-1952 I never saw this show “As far as No Eye Can See, Berlin Panoramas 1949-1952”at the Berlinische Galerie in 2008*, although I heard that it was incredible. I have only experienced this amazing  archives of panoramic images through the… Continue reading As far as no eye can see

Infinity Award

This is an award. This is also an amazing object. This is the prototype. This is the actual prototype of the International Center of Photography Infinity Award. The ICP Infinity Awards began in 1985 and the idea for the award program came from Bob Brockway - Robert E. Brockway, Olympus Corporation - who was the… Continue reading Infinity Award