First Light

Not too long ago, the Space Telescope Science Institute released the deepest portrait of the visible universe. Captured by the Hubble Ultra Deep Field imaging system are the first galaxies to emerge after the big bang.

First Light by Luca Antonucci & Daniel Small explores this astronomical development through emulating its color separation process in CKMY to produce five main prints, one for each of the color channels and one composite image. Amplifying the concept that photography dislocates space and time, each layer of light revealed here corresponds to a time that has not existed in space since its inception.

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Small, Daniel R., and Luca Antonucci. First Light. Hoboken, NJ: Colpa ; Conveyor Arts; 2011. TR179.5S631 .F57 2011

This post is part of a series highlighting instances of consistence (the linking together of principles from seemingly disparate disciplines) within single works in the ICP Library’s collection with an eye on photography’s unique ability to bridge the distances between art and science.

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