Caleb’s zine corner #3

Caleb’s zine corner #3


DON’T SING ANOTHER SONG: Five musicians’ favorites by Atsushi Sugie (2014)

Good afternoon ~ this installment of the ‘corner is a brief look at “DON’T SING ANOTHER SONG” a 2014 photo zine by Atsushi Sugie. The zine was published as a three way collaboration between a shoe making company (NAOT), a notebook manufacturer (Traveler’s Factory), and mille books. It contains lovely black and white photographs of musicians mostly reading books (the musicians listed on the back cover: Toshiaki Yamada (GOMES THE HITMAN), Ame (Kimono), tico moon (Yuka Yoshiko/Toshikiko Kageyama), Rie Yoshihara, and Lica) and occasionally holding instruments. From a look at Sugie’s website I deduced that the photographs are analog, and are showcasing commodities from each of the three companies that published the zine.DSAS_zine05_670

Come check out this zine at the ICP library !! Sugie has a blog and a website



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