Welcome Thursday folks, I’m sure you’ve been salivating all day for your serving of FRESH, HOT ZINES. Today’s Zine Corner is a [Hot 97 airhorn noise] EMILY TAKEOVER!!


Today’s featured item is from Dutch publishers, Salvo. They have been publish a couple of issues on a chosen photographic theme every year. I am investigating Periodical for Photography No. 8: Side Show. “Unintentionally, when taking a photography of something, one also photographs other things. This democratic aspect, the fact that a camera is indifferent in reproducing whatever the photographer aims to frame, causes a wealth of ‘additional’ information in photographic images, Salvo’s Periodical No. 8 addresses this theme and seeks to reverse the intention of the photographer to retrieve new information and to highlight the sideshow.

Salvo’s Periodical No. 8: Side Show


There are eight artists who contribute a chapter on the theme. The first chapter features and artist who already has a book here in the library,  Anne Geene. Archive for Accidentally Photographed Flora and Fauna is a pseudo-scientific dive into the collection of photos from the Nederlands Fotomuseum wherein Geene meticulously categorizes and documents the species, type and other details,


Throughout her essay, Geene features a photograph found in the Nederlands Fotomuseum, marked with a red arrow that identifies her subject of interest. The photographs are added to a Category, and a detail image is made. This photograph features the categories “Tulips” and “Cats (White Cats)”.  Through her research, Geene also establishes new and more nuanced categories. Observing that a great number of pictures of carriages crop the front half of horse out of the frame, she created “Half Horses”


“Often, horses are depicted only half showing (mostly their backsides). But even more remarkable is the fact that horses are the only animals that show this abnormality. This could have something to do with their size: one could argue that large animals easily fall outside the frame. But this is not a strong argument since cows, until now, are never cut by the frame.”



The titular essay, Sideshow features vintage snapshots that include framed paintings in the background. They are unaccompanied by text, leaving the viewer to connect and arrange connections.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Human Accessory: On the use of people as supporting material in photography features different scenarios where the human body is secondary to the intention of the photograph: hair salons that example styles, using the body to create a sense of scale, advertising, instructional manuals.


The final chapter is quiet poetic.  The author postulates that a reflection of Daguerre is visable in his 1838 iconic photograph, Le Boulevard du Temple. Using a technique called “pencil graining” Daguerre’s face, hands and one of his legs can be seen with his camera and tripod.

Please stay tuned for another zine corner. Until then, run! Don’t walk to the ICP library to check it out.

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