Danny Goldfield’s NY Children get their Day in the Sun

The remarkable project from the heart of Danny Goldfield, to photograph one child living in NYC from every nation in the world resulted in a self-published book the library is the proud possessor of.

Danny, an ICP member, popped into the library a couple of years ago with prints of these portraits and seduced us with his commitment and creativity, and we have been following his journey ever since.

He represents the best kind of book-making: making a solo journey into something that he knows has a “yuck” factor to sentiment-phobes in the art world, but sticking to his guns, charming everyone willing to give him a few minutes with the quality of his mission and work, and being as delighted as a kid when they appreciate his efforts.

Now both the BBC and MSNBC have taken notice.

The museum store of ICP celebrated Danny’s book this past autumn, Amazon sells it, and he outfitted a cart to sell it on the street, so keep your eyes peeled for him.  We look forward to someday getting to meet all of these kids.

[Deirdre Donohue, Stephanie Shuman Librarian]

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