“If You See Something, Say Something” or, Hungarian Rhapsody

[To the non-New York-based blog readers: Our Transit System displays posters advising us to report un-attended boxes and suitcases using the above slogan.] A box arrived in the New Year from Hungary.  We knew that Shandor Hassan had been acting as our intermediary there, and books would be coming, so we gathered at closing time… Continue reading “If You See Something, Say Something” or, Hungarian Rhapsody

BBC The Strand Tribute to Ernest Cole

The Strand is a show that I am an ardent admirer of.  It is my culture podcast on my morning and evening commute.  I recently re-listened to one that was a tribute to the South African photographer Ernest Cole, whose important book is in our library. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00clb1j The great photographer David Goldblatt, a favorite of… Continue reading BBC The Strand Tribute to Ernest Cole

Magic Dials

“These are a few of my favorite things,” chirped Maria von Trappe in The Sound of Music.  While I claim that the ICP Library is more than just books, I love the books.  This is one of my long-time favorites. My grandfather, Jan Repa, was a radio and TV repairman, among other things, and his… Continue reading Magic Dials