The Photo Book in Argentina

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The Photo Book in Argentina is an exploration of specific moments in the history of publishing in Argentina, a history that is little known and rather uneven, but rich with spirited photographic materials.

The contents and conditions in which these books were published are remarkably diverse.  Some were made possible by third party initiatives, and some were self-financed. Some were the result of publishing ventures, while others were impelled by historical interests.

It is worth noting that the majority of the most distinguished photobook projects were, and continue to be, the result of individual efforts committed to the publishing enterprise.  Efforts that recognized, and continue to recognize, the historical transcendence and expressive potential of the book.

The photobooks in this compilation vary greatly in their thematic and formal characteristics, representing a large number of authors and time periods dating back as far as the 1930s. The only limiting criterion was that the books had to be conceived and printed in Argentina.

Working with the materials in this compilation has afforded me valuable insight, and inspired further questions regarding the nature, possibilities, and different perceptions of the photobook, in Argentina and elsewhere.  I hope that you are similarly inspired.

[Leandro Villaro, guest curator of the new ICP Library window exhibit]

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