A Short Introduction

Hello readers,
I would like to introduce myself as a new administrator to the ICP Library blog. My name is
Garret Miller, and I am a 2nd year MFA candidate at the ICP-Bard program. I will try to update you with a variety of topics including the library’s recent acquisitions, rare book profiles, and my personal interest in material here at the library. I am an artist with interest in things such as natural history, military history, geologic time, and found photography. I will probably incorporate these into what I choose to write about, and I will also be commissioning others from the ICP to contribute within their own interests so as to broaden the scope of the dialogue I am hoping to create here.

There is a ton of material here at the library, much of which I am still learning about. We are one of the largest libraries dedicated to the practice and critique of photography, and have extensive artist files that are the most publicly available in the US. I am really excited to start to tackle some of this material. And, I really appreciate having the opportunity to go through material that I enjoy, and share it with you.
Thanks in advance for being here.

Garret Miller

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