Japanese Photobooks at the ICP Library: Revisited

Photobooks are like candy. Temptation is constant. And, if you don’t watch out, your bookshelves begin to bulge and overflow. This necessitates the unpleasant task of making more space for new acquisitions – a process that often requires picking and choosing among your favorite children. Decisions are further complicated by the discovery of books that… Continue reading Japanese Photobooks at the ICP Library: Revisited

Provoke: Takuma Nakahira and Yutaka Takanashi

A few years ago, when I’d go off on a tangent about postwar Japanese photography and photobooks with friends, I’d usually get polite yawns or blank stares. An IT / systems administrator friend would humor me by listening intently and then responding with complete non-sequiturs about LDAP and mail server protocols – to which I… Continue reading Provoke: Takuma Nakahira and Yutaka Takanashi

Japanese Provoke Era Reprints and Facsimiles – Russet Lederman

Japanese Provoke Era Reprints and Facsimiles in the ICP Library by Russet Lederman This second in a series of blog posts to explore Japanese photobooks and periodicals in the International Center of Photography’s library and permanent collection focuses on reprints and facsimile of well-known 1960s and ‘70s Provoke Era photobooks. During this period in Japan,… Continue reading Japanese Provoke Era Reprints and Facsimiles – Russet Lederman