JAARS, The Wycliffe Bible Translators and Cornell Capa

Cornell Capa kept a long standing relationship with the Missionary group, The Wycliffe Bible Translators. Cornell traveled with this group while working with author Elisabeth Elliot for the 1961 book Savage My Kinsman, shooting for Cornell and Huxley's 1964 photo book Farewell to Eden and Who Brought the Word (1963), a book published by the Wycliffe Bible Translators explaining their… Continue reading JAARS, The Wycliffe Bible Translators and Cornell Capa

Tariri and the New York’s World’s Fair

  Through the 1960’s Cornell Capa began working with a group of Christian Missionaries who were dedicated to living with and studying the language of indigenous communities, some without any written language, in order to make translations of the bible. The Missionary was founded by “Uncle Cam” or W. Cameron Townsend and the linguist project… Continue reading Tariri and the New York’s World’s Fair