Parallel Universe: Tokyo Through Western Eyes

A smile crossed my face as I read an article by Amy Chozick in The New York Times travel section about her recent trip to Tokyo. How could she know so well those feelings of familiarity, yet otherworldliness that I experience every time I go to Tokyo – a place I’ve taken to calling a… Continue reading Parallel Universe: Tokyo Through Western Eyes

World Cup Fever

We don’t have a lot of football (soccer) photobooks in the library. Actually we do not have that many in Sports in general – but we have some. I thought I should mention that the largest, most exciting and most important sports festival on the planet shall be opening in Brazil this Thursday. The World… Continue reading World Cup Fever

Delpire & Co.

A quick search of the International Center of Photography Library’s online catalogue using the keyword “Delpire” reveals 26 entries. Another search using “Photo Poche” reveals 34 entries. The frequency with which these two terms appear in the catalogue’s database only hints at the influence that curator, editor and publisher Robert Delpire has had on photography… Continue reading Delpire & Co.

New York: Daido Moriyama and William Klein

The urban environment, with its fast pace, constant motion and blur of activity has consistently been a subject for the well-known Japanese postwar photographer Daido Moriyama. Whether contemporary images of his Shinjuku, Tokyo neighborhood or vintage 1971 photos taken during his first trip to New York with close friend and graphic designer Tadanoori Yokoo, Moriyama’s… Continue reading New York: Daido Moriyama and William Klein

Japanese Provoke Era Reprints and Facsimiles – Russet Lederman

Japanese Provoke Era Reprints and Facsimiles in the ICP Library by Russet Lederman This second in a series of blog posts to explore Japanese photobooks and periodicals in the International Center of Photography’s library and permanent collection focuses on reprints and facsimile of well-known 1960s and ‘70s Provoke Era photobooks. During this period in Japan,… Continue reading Japanese Provoke Era Reprints and Facsimiles – Russet Lederman