ICP/Bard MFA Class of 2012 Making Book, Making Not-Book

The ICP/Bard MFA artists have increasingly been embracing the hand-made book as a format, and even toppling it over in favor of making what I call “not-books:” small, interactive items that may be multiples, but are decidedly vessels for the artist’s thinking and desire to control their distribution. They find in it a great way… Continue reading ICP/Bard MFA Class of 2012 Making Book, Making Not-Book

Artist’s Atheneum: An Interview with Nandita Raman

Artist's Atheneum is a reading room installed in the library by Nandita Raman in conjunction with the ICP-Bard/MFA Thesis Exhibition.  If you haven't already, stop in and spend some time enjoying it.  Liz Sales: What inspired Artist's Atheneum? Nandita Raman: In my experience, research for projects can become an insular and convergent process. I have benefited from having… Continue reading Artist’s Atheneum: An Interview with Nandita Raman

Remembering Absent Meaning

Remembering Absent Meaning MFA Thesis Exhibition: Nandita Raman Opening Reception: February 2 | Thursday | 6:00–9:00 pm On View: February 3-4 | Friday–Saturday | 12:00–5:00 pm ICP-Bard MFA Studios, 24–20 Jackson Avenue, 3rd Floor, Long Island City, New York “Remembering Absent Meaning. . .

Moving to the US in 2008 created distance from my familiar landscape, activating… Continue reading Remembering Absent Meaning