throwing cameras with Baxter&

By making life more interesting for others, we may indirectly help to alleviate the human condition. We up your aesthetic quality of life, we up your creativity. We celebrate the ordinary. - N.E.Thing Company This is a book that I personally came across a few years ago courtesy of David Senior in the MoMA library.… Continue reading throwing cameras with Baxter&

ICP Library Committee at the MoMA Library & Archives

ICP Library Committee#28 Thursday, May 18, 2011 Museum of Modern Art Library & Archives Milan Huston (MoMA Library & Archives Director) graciously allowed the ICP Library committee a behind the curtain peek at one of the most fabulous art libraries in the world. David Senior (MoMA Bibliographer) pulled exquisite treasures from the MoMA artists’ books… Continue reading ICP Library Committee at the MoMA Library & Archives