Robert Stevens Favourite Photobooks of 2012

Selection made by Robert Stevens – ICP faculty. 1. Jitkta Hanzlova  - The way she sees the world is unique and she believes in verticals - that is the way she sees things, never horizontal 2. SHE: Lise Sarfati - a more focused view of U.S. girls in those years just after high school. This… Continue reading Robert Stevens Favourite Photobooks of 2012

Liz Sales Favorite Photobooks of 2012

Matthew has asked me and a few other folks to post lists of our own favorite books of 2012. So, here is a list of my favorite photobooks (or, in some cases, books about photography) from 2012. They are held together by no underlying theme and listed in no particular order, and the list contains… Continue reading Liz Sales Favorite Photobooks of 2012