New Yorker Magazine highlights 10×10 Japanese Photobooks

Maria Lokke of the New Yorker interviewed several 10x10 specialists and shared their comments in yesterday's Photo Booth blog. ICP's Deirdre Donohue and Christopher Phillips offered insights into their selection process. Check out the complete article at

Hippocratic Oath of a Photographer

The photo school term has begun and all the new students are now roaming New York with their cameras. These are the halcyon days of image discovery.  But it is here that we would all do well to remember The Hippocratic Oath of a Photographer as written by M.F. Agha for U.S. Camera way back… Continue reading Hippocratic Oath of a Photographer

A small selection of Photobooks from those damp little islands

There is this group of islands off the coast of northern Europe – roughly divided into England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – where sometimes it is extremely beautiful and sometimes it is merely compelling in it's bland ordinariness. At other times these islands are bleak and gritty and yet still other times they are mysterious… Continue reading A small selection of Photobooks from those damp little islands

The Best Lists

2010 really had a lot going for it and in photobook terms many folks have been producing the 'best of' lists. There is some overlap and some duplication in choices and there is also some real hidden gems brought to our attention. Best Books of 2010 brought to us by Photo eye – with insightful… Continue reading The Best Lists