What six of them saw. . .

  “What six of them saw” is a project from 1971 produced by the International fund for Concerned Photography and was funded by ‘modest grants’ and the financial support of the PR Company Ruder and Finn (David Finn was closely connected to the Fund and he was on the original board of the ICP in… Continue reading What six of them saw. . .

ASMP and the Declaration of Conscience

The American Society of Magazine Photographers (ASMP) was established in 1944 by a pair of New York based photographers. The ASMP was, and still is dedicated to connecting fellow photojournalists in order to advocate for their rights to decent wages and copyright protection. Ten years after their formation, from approximately 1954 to 1968, the ASMP was… Continue reading ASMP and the Declaration of Conscience

Young Capa

Combing the Cornell Capa papers, we came across an envelope with a mysterious note. One Emery Florian from Jackson Heights, Queens writes to Edie and Cornell:  Dear Everyone of You: Enclosed is a very valuable photo which was taken a couple of years ago. I wish we would be that young again! After you have… Continue reading Young Capa

Year of the Black Snake!

Greetings From Cornell Capa's first trip to China. . .   Sunday, February 10  is Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. The above photograph of a mysteriously disguised Cornell Capa is from his first trip to China. The identity of his companion in this image is as yet unknown. . . Tibetan New Year (aka… Continue reading Year of the Black Snake!