Children’s Photobooks: Not Just for Children

As an adult, I have always loved children’s books. Before I had kids, I used to position myself close to other people’s children in bookstores as I indulged my picture book habit. The idea was to give the appearance that I was somehow connected to someone else’s unsuspecting child and therefore “vetted” as a children’s… Continue reading Children’s Photobooks: Not Just for Children

Children’s Books Worth Treasuring

I want to share some more photographically illustrated books for young people with you that I treasure because they are marvelous to discover, as well as unlikely to ever be published these days. In the post-Law & Order SVU-era, they would raise too many red flags in showing, for example, bears carrying naked babies through… Continue reading Children’s Books Worth Treasuring


A small selection of photobooks in honour of Mother. The Kitten's Little Boy by Dare Wright R TR729.C3 W75 1971 "Did you say his kitten? Cats never belong to people, said his mother [p.5]".  A beautiful Dare Wright book in which an independent mother cat tries to explain to the littlest kitten that boys belong… Continue reading Mother