As far as no eye can see

So weit kein Auge reicht, Berliner Panoramafotografien aus den Jahren 1949-1952 TR661.M47 2008 Berlin Panoramas 1949-1952 I never saw this show “As far as No Eye Can See, Berlin Panoramas 1949-1952”at the Berlinische Galerie in 2008*, although I heard that it was incredible. I have only experienced this amazing  archives of panoramic images through the… Continue reading As far as no eye can see

Berlin: A publication from the 1930s

A recent acquisition for the ICP library is this startling book from pre-war Germany. Berlin [texte by] Pierre Mac Orlan R TR820.5.G3 .M33 1935 Berlin is an extraordinary little photobook (almost 70 photogravure images) with a text by the French novelist, critic and songwriter Pierre Mac Orlan (1882-1970). The publisher is B. Arthaud. Grenoble and… Continue reading Berlin: A publication from the 1930s