Ivan Vartanian: Performance, Bookmaking and the Photobook

While visiting Tokyo this past June, I met with historian, writer and publisher Ivan Vartanian of Goliga to discuss several of his current projects, which explore the intersection of bookmaking, performance and the photobook. Russet Lederman: For the past 15 years, you’ve been writing, editing and producing books on Japanese photographers and the Japanese photobook.… Continue reading Ivan Vartanian: Performance, Bookmaking and the Photobook

Delpire & Co.

A quick search of the International Center of Photography Library’s online catalogue using the keyword “Delpire” reveals 26 entries. Another search using “Photo Poche” reveals 34 entries. The frequency with which these two terms appear in the catalogue’s database only hints at the influence that curator, editor and publisher Robert Delpire has had on photography… Continue reading Delpire & Co.