anybody’s image could become everybody’s image: an interview with Mariken Wessels

  Mariken Wessels spoke with me about her work and evolution as an artist. Here is our conversation: epd: When did you start making visual art works, and how did you start working with found materials? MW: Before I moved to Amsterdam to attend the Theater School I was already taking photographs. In the southern Dutch… Continue reading anybody’s image could become everybody’s image: an interview with Mariken Wessels

Interview: Anouk Kruithof

While hanging out with artist Anouk Kruithof (2012 recipient of the International Center of Photography Infinity Award for “Young Photographer”) at the 2015 Printed Matter Art Book Fair in Los Angeles, I was taken by her very elaborate cupcake-like nail polish. As a big fan of her photo-based projects* and photobooks, I suggested we talk… Continue reading Interview: Anouk Kruithof

Janet Delaney’s South of Market

Delaney, Janet, and Erin O'Toole. South of Market. , 2013. Print The ICP Store will host a Book Signing with Janet Delaney in honor of her publication South of Market Friday, May 2, 6:00pm. LS: You have a long-time relationship with San Francisco. What drew you to the city? What keeps you there today?   JD: I grew… Continue reading Janet Delaney’s South of Market

David Solo: An Inveterate Photobook Collector

In a loft apartment in the former grand ballroom of a converted pre-war Brooklyn landmark hotel, David Solo is surrounded by floor to ceiling bookshelves punctuated by framed photographs, works on paper and a beautiful collection of Chinese scholar’s stones.  The room’s middle space is taken over by a mammoth antique pool table. It is… Continue reading David Solo: An Inveterate Photobook Collector

Blood and Champagne – an interview with Alex Kershaw

In 2002 Alex Kershaw published a biography of Robert Capa Blood and Champagne.  It is a Robert Capa biography that explores not only the career of a heroic photojournalist, but also the other side of the man: The drinking, the womanizing and the gambling. Kershaw is not an art historian or a photo historian. He… Continue reading Blood and Champagne – an interview with Alex Kershaw

Yoko Sawada: An Unofficial Ambassador of Japanese Photography and Photobooks

Yoko Sawada, the energetic publisher-agent behind the Osiris imprint, is a well-known and prominent figure in Japanese photobook circles, but her name may not register immediate recognition in the West beyond a small group of in-the-know collectors and book dealers. However, the books and magazines that she has published during her more than 20-year involvement… Continue reading Yoko Sawada: An Unofficial Ambassador of Japanese Photography and Photobooks

New Yorker Magazine highlights 10×10 Japanese Photobooks

Maria Lokke of the New Yorker interviewed several 10x10 specialists and shared their comments in yesterday's Photo Booth blog. ICP's Deirdre Donohue and Christopher Phillips offered insights into their selection process. Check out the complete article at

Ivan Vartanian: Performance, Bookmaking and the Photobook

While visiting Tokyo this past June, I met with historian, writer and publisher Ivan Vartanian of Goliga to discuss several of his current projects, which explore the intersection of bookmaking, performance and the photobook. Russet Lederman: For the past 15 years, you’ve been writing, editing and producing books on Japanese photographers and the Japanese photobook.… Continue reading Ivan Vartanian: Performance, Bookmaking and the Photobook

Artist’s Atheneum: An Interview with Nandita Raman

Artist's Atheneum is a reading room installed in the library by Nandita Raman in conjunction with the ICP-Bard/MFA Thesis Exhibition.  If you haven't already, stop in and spend some time enjoying it.  Liz Sales: What inspired Artist's Atheneum? Nandita Raman: In my experience, research for projects can become an insular and convergent process. I have benefited from having… Continue reading Artist’s Atheneum: An Interview with Nandita Raman

Magnum Contact Sheets: An Interview with Kristen Lubben

International Center of Photography Curator Kristen Lubben discusses her recent book and exhibition Magnum Contact Sheets. Russet Lederman: How did the idea for the Magnum Contact Sheets book develop? Kristen Lubben: The idea of archives was on everyone’s mind, partly as a result of the New York Magnum office having just sent their “working prints”… Continue reading Magnum Contact Sheets: An Interview with Kristen Lubben