In Honor of Art+Feminism 

ICP Library Display Exhibition Laia Abril. On abortion: And the Repercussions of Lack of Access. Stockport: Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2018. TR647.A271 2018   Ying Ang. The quickening: A Memoir on Matrescence. Melbourne: Self-published, 2021. RARE TR179.5.A5375.Q98 2021   Michael Famighetti and Zackary Drucker (eds). Future Gender: Aperture. 229, winter 2017. New York: Aperture Foundation, 2017. TR1.U6.A63 No. 229 2017  … Continue reading In Honor of Art+Feminism 

Beyond the Visible 

ICP Library Display Exhibition Ana Mendieta. Ana Mendieta: A Book of Works. Miami Beach: Grassfield Press, 1993. TR654 .M468 1993  Jefrey Fraenkel and Frish Brandt (eds.). The Unphotographable.  San Francisco: Fraenkel Gallery, 2013. TR656 .U56 2013  Melanie Wiora. Travelling Beyond.  Eislingen: Kunstverein Eislinge, 2015.  TR647 .W565 2015  Barbara Rosenthal. Clues to Myself. Rochester: Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1981. TR654… Continue reading Beyond the Visible 

Come along if you care, come along if you dare

ICP Library Display Exhibition Sophie Calle. Take care of yourself. Arles: Actes Sud, 2007. TR681.W6 .C35 2007 David Campany (Editor). The Cinematic. London: Whitechapel; Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2007. TR850 .C46 2007 Philip-Lorca Dicorcia. Thousand. Gottingen: Steidl, 2007. TR592 .D53 2007 Odette England and Jennifer Garza-Cuen. Past Paper // Present Marks: responding to Rauschenberg. Santa… Continue reading Come along if you care, come along if you dare

Out of this World

Utatane. Rinko Kawauchi How can we perceive our world through photography? Are there any boundaries between reality and illusion, between the representative and transformative nature of photography? Photography is a medium of exploration and discovery, shaping the way we look at our micro and macrocosm.  Using photography we can not only see but also imagine the… Continue reading Out of this World

Out of this World

ICP Library Display Exhibition Joan Fontcuberta. Contravisiones. 1974-1989. Barcelona: Ediciones Anómala; Cuenca: Fundación Antonio Pérez, 2020. TR654 .F65 2020 Karl Blossfeldt. Working collages. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2001. TR685 .B57 2001 Aaron Rothman. Signal noise. Santa Fe: Radius Books, 2018. TR660 .R684 2018 Maarten Dings. Moon, Photographing the Moon 1840–Now. Antwerp: Fotomuseum of Antwerp; Veurne: Hannibal Publishing,… Continue reading Out of this World

Some portraiture books. 

ICP Library Display Exhibition The display had been sitting empty for two years so we threw in a quick portraiture survey. Jamie Hawkesworth. Preston Bus Station. New York: Dashwood Books, 2017. TR681.Y6 .H382 2017 Deana Lawson. Deana Lawson: An Aperture Monograph. Aparture, 2018. TR140 .L384 2018  Jen Davis. Eleven Years.  Heidelberg: Kehrer, 2014. TR681.W6 .D3811… Continue reading Some portraiture books.