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Liz Sales is cataloged as a bibliographic items with International Center of Photography Library. A bibliographic item can be any information entity (e.g., books, computer files, graphics, realia, cartographic materials, or in Liz's case, Liz) that is considered library material as far as it is relevant to the catalog and to the patrons of the library in question. Liz is the only human being recognized by the Library of Congress as a library holding and has an assigned Library of Congress and ISBN #. While she cannot always be found at the library, she is a permanent part of the collection. For more information about Liz look up her library record at either or

Book Signing with Yael Ben-Zion, Friday, May 16, 6:00pm.

The ICP Store will host a Book Signing with Yael Ben-Zion in honor of her publication Intermarried Friday, May 16, 6:00pm. Liz Sales: You initiated the project that lead to the publication Intermarried by posting a message on the board of your neighborhood online … Continue reading

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Janet Delaney’s South of Market

Delaney, Janet, and Erin O’Toole. South of Market. , 2013. Print The ICP Store will host a Book Signing with Janet Delaney in honor of her publication South of Market Friday, May 2, 6:00pm. LS: You have a long-time relationship with San … Continue reading

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Oliver Chanarin & Adam Broomberg’s Holy Bible

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin are artists living and working together in London. They were recently awarded the ICP Infinity Award for their publication, Holy Bible. Holy Bible takes the physical form of the King James Bible with potions of the original text … Continue reading

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Notable New Acquisitions of 2013

Vitturi, Lorenzo, and Sam Berkson. Dalston Anatomy. London: Jibijana and SPBH editions, 2013. For Dalston Anatomy, Lorenzo Vitturi  embedded in London’s Ridley Road Market making sculptures and collages with materials he found in the marketplace’s debris. The work mimics the makeshift nature of … Continue reading

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An Updated Selection of Digital Image Libraries, Collections and Museums: An Illustrated, Annotated Webliography

International Center of Photography  Weegee at his typewriter in the trunk of his 1938 ‘Chevy’. Unidentified Photographer. ca. 1943. The International Center of Photography. Dimensions: Image: 11 15/16 x 9 3/16 in. (30.3 x 23.3 cm), Paper: 14 x 11 in. (35.6 … Continue reading


Window Exhibition Reception

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William Eggleston was the first photographer’s work I ever saw in a museum. I was young, and at the time, didn’t like going on those types of outings with my parents. Art was always too serious (and sometimes scary) for … Continue reading

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Kevin Romero on 360 New York

During the time I spent as a teen intern in the ICP library I came across a book that I loved. The book’s name is 360 New York by Nick Wood. I like this book because it shows us places … Continue reading

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Josh Lutz’s “Hesitating Beauty”

The cover of faculty member, Josh Lutz’s new book lures you in; it’s title, “Hesitating Beauty” is printed directly across the blinking eyes of a woman in pearls and an evening gown. She has been caught mid-blink, or possibly mid-sneeze, … Continue reading

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Teeny Academy

Saturday March 9th, the ICP Library and the ICP Store hosted “Teeny Academy”, our story time for young photobibliomaniacs. This time teeny readers were treated to the debut of Rachel Hulin’s new book Flying Henry, read by the artist and … Continue reading

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