JAARS, The Wycliffe Bible Translators and Cornell Capa

Cornell Capa kept a long standing relationship with the Missionary group, The Wycliffe Bible Translators. Cornell traveled with this group while working with author Elisabeth Elliot for the 1961 book Savage My Kinsman, shooting for Cornell and Huxley's 1964 photo book Farewell to Eden and Who Brought the Word (1963), a book published by the Wycliffe Bible Translators explaining their… Continue reading JAARS, The Wycliffe Bible Translators and Cornell Capa

Tariri and the New York’s World’s Fair

  Through the 1960’s Cornell Capa began working with a group of Christian Missionaries who were dedicated to living with and studying the language of indigenous communities, some without any written language, in order to make translations of the bible. The Missionary was founded by “Uncle Cam” or W. Cameron Townsend and the linguist project… Continue reading Tariri and the New York’s World’s Fair

Tracking down the Diamonds

One of the most appealing aspects of processing an archival collection is discovering mysteries! For example: this news clipping, attached to a letter to Cornell Capa. The article (from November 12, 1970) introduces readers to a young photographer named Mark Diamond and Diamond’s missing muse, Whitey the dog.  The handwritten note at the top of… Continue reading Tracking down the Diamonds

ASMP and the Declaration of Conscience

The American Society of Magazine Photographers (ASMP) was established in 1944 by a pair of New York based photographers. The ASMP was, and still is dedicated to connecting fellow photojournalists in order to advocate for their rights to decent wages and copyright protection. Ten years after their formation, from approximately 1954 to 1968, the ASMP was… Continue reading ASMP and the Declaration of Conscience

Young Capa

Combing the Cornell Capa papers, we came across an envelope with a mysterious note. One Emery Florian from Jackson Heights, Queens writes to Edie and Cornell:  Dear Everyone of You: Enclosed is a very valuable photo which was taken a couple of years ago. I wish we would be that young again! After you have… Continue reading Young Capa

From the Cornell Capa papers: Paul Schuzter

In 1967, during an overseas trip, Cornell Capa learned of the death of photojournalist Paul Schutzer, Life correspondent and member of the Overseas Press Club. Capa spent much of the late 1960s preserving Schutzer’s life’s work, and keeping his memory alive. The Cornell Capa papers include a small biography of Schutzer written by John Loengard,… Continue reading From the Cornell Capa papers: Paul Schuzter

From the Cornell Capa papers: Magnum coverage of election season, 1968

In spring of 1968, Magnum photographers began outlining their coverage of the upcoming 1968 election. In this statement of purpose issued by Lee Jones, photographers are assigned to cover the candidates and issues of the upcoming election. Lee states: “ALL OF THE ATTACHED IS FLOUR OUT OF WHICH WE SHOULD BAKE THE CAKE FOR PRESENTATION.… Continue reading From the Cornell Capa papers: Magnum coverage of election season, 1968