Out of this World. Book List

ICP Library Display Exhibition

Joan Fontcuberta. Contravisiones. 1974-1989. Barcelona: Ediciones Anómala; Cuenca: Fundación Antonio Pérez, 2020. TR654 .F65 2020
Karl Blossfeldt. Working collages. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2001. TR685 .B57 2001
Aaron Rothman. Signal noise. Santa Fe: Radius Books, 2018. TR660 .R684 2018
Maarten Dings. Moon, Photographing the Moon 1840–Now. Antwerp: Fotomuseum of Antwerp; Veurne: Hannibal Publishing, 2019. TR713 .M666 2016
Charlotte Cotton. Photography is magic. New York: Aperture, 2015. TR655 .C67 2015
Viviane Sassen. Umbra. München: Prestel Publishing, 2015. TR655 .S279 2015 
Sarah Moon. Now and then. Heidelberg: Kehrer, 2016. TR655 .M661 2016
Ying Ang. The quickening: a memoir on matrescence. Melbourne: Self published, 2021. TR179.5 .A5375.Q98 2021
Bérangère Fromont. Except the clouds. Athens: Void, 2018. TR659.6 .F7666 2018
Rinko Kawauchi. Illuminance. New York: Aperture, 2011. TR140 .K39 2011 
Thomas Demand. Phototrophy. München: Schirmer/Mosel, 2004. TR647 .D45 2004
Jan Groover. Jan Groover. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1987. TR647 .G76 1987
Barbara Crane. Challenging vision. Chicago: Chicago Cultural Center, 2009. TR140 .C73 2009
Joan Fontcuberta. The Photography of Nature & The Nature of Photography. London: MACK; Göteborg: The Hasselblad Foundation, 2013. TR655 .F665 2013
Thomas Demand. Blossom. London: MACK, 2015. TR726.T7 .D45 2015
Marvin Heiferman. Seeing science: how photography reveals the universe. New York: Aperture, 2019. TR692 .S44.H54 2019
Anna Atkins. Sun gardens: Victorian photograms. New York: Aperture, 1985. TR688 .A75 1985

Further Reading:

Joseph Cornell. Homage to Joseph Cornell, 1903-1972. Flushing, New York: Queens County Art and Cultural Center, 1973. TR647 .C67 1973 
Kenneth Josephson. A retrospective. Chicago: Art Institute of Chicago, 1999. TR647 .J67 1999 
Rinko Kawauchi. Utatane. Tokyo: Little More, 2001. TR140 .K39 2001 (Rare) 
Chris Marker. La jetée: cine-roman. New York: Zone Books, 1992. TR592 .M37 1992 
Edward Ruscha. A few palm trees. Hollywood: Heavy Industry Publications, 1971. TR726.T7 .R87 1971 (Rare) 
Issei Suda. The work of a lifetime, photographs 1968-2006. Berlin: Only photography, 2011. TR140 .S831 2012 (Rare) 
Shimpei Takeda. Trace: Cameraless records of radioactive contamination. New York: Shika Inc., 2012.  
TR179.5.T353 .T73 2012 (Rare) 
Penelope Umbrico. Photographs. New York: Aperture, 2011. TR179.5.U529 . P46 2011 (Rare) 
Karl Blossfeldt. Urformen der Kunst. Berlin: E. Wasmuth A.G., 1948. TR721 .B56 1948 (Rare – Not available) 
Bertrand Fleuret. Landmasses and railways = Landmassen und Gleise. Atlanta: J&L Books, 2009. (Not available) 
Jan Groover. Photographs. Boston: Bulfinch Press, 1993. (Not available) 

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