100th Anniversary of Cornell Capa

Today marks the 100th birthday of ICP’s founder, Cornell Capa. Many of the books that built the foundation of the ICP library came from the man himself. Many are inscribed with notes, and stickers from his personal library. Even Edie Capa, Cornell’s wife has books that have been accessioned into the collection.


One of the highlights of these books is Cornell’s copy of The Decisive Moment, which is inscribed:

“Cornell please tell me: what is THE DECISIVE MOMENT in a Magnum meeting? (guess my answer) Avec toute mon amitié Henri”



Another treat, is noticing Capa’s book plates that he pasted in many of his books as well as this copy of The Decisive Moment. We cannot help but remember his adventurous spirit represented by the ship travailing the open oceans, engraved on his library plate.2018-04-10-0004

Check out some of our posts of gems found about Cornell and his work here and some other books from Cornell’s library here.

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