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Hello all, Continuing on our Vernacular Photography spree, today in the corner we are taking a brief look at Brad Feuerheim’s “TV Casualty: Ride, Johnny, ride”. This is definitely one of the more professional, “hi fidelity” zines to be featured in the corner. Information from Josef Chladek states the following:

“Softcover, limited edition of 300. Text by Brad Feuerhelm and Daniel Campbell Blight, design by Lamb + Sea, risograph print by Hato Press, published with The Archive of Modern Conflict November 2013 .

Pages: 46
Place: London
Year: 2013
Publisher: Self published
Size: 28 x 35 cm (approx.)”

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This zine is sexy – there’s no way around it. It’s a meditation on the pleasures of television, the assassination of JFK (which was definitely orchestrated by the mob), and Misfits songs about the former two topics. It’s made from collaged, found images, it comes in a black plastic bag, and it’s only red, black, and white. The “zooming in on an image until it is abstracted” is used to abounding effect here, and functions as a reminder of the image quality of 1960s television but also metaphorically links to the mystic distance of broadcasted images and information.

This book (I wouldn’t really call it a zine) is ON VIEW at the ICP Library at the ICP School in midtown. Come on over and take a look!!


This is just one of many beautiful books currently on display in our windows showcasing photobooks that use Vernacular images and archives. Je est un autre : the vernacular in photobooks is the title of this image extravaganza. On November 30th we will have an evening reception where some vernacular collections will be presented in a casual show and tell manner. IF you are in town – do not miss it.


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