Caleb’s zine corner #4

Caleb’s zine corner #4


ASHES IN THE OCEAN by Minny Lee (2017)

This episode of the zine corner highlights a work by one of our ICP alumni, Minny Lee. We have quite a few of her zines in the collection which are all very much worth checking out, however this post is about ASHES IN THE OCEAN from earlier this year. The zine is produced by Encounters Editions and a postscript states that it is “in memory of my father-in-law”. Photographs of the ocean and the interiors of an adjacent apartment in Honolulu, Hawaii are occasionally interrupted by blank pages, or pages with lines of poetry.

IMG_20170907_122515IMG_20170907_122537For such a small zine, to me it packs the same punch as a photo book (and it would bring me much joy to see it reissued as such). The photographs speak volumes, interior shots dwelling on reflections, stillness, softness, and emptiness are juxtaposed with grand images of the outside world. After viewing the apartment photos, when Lee brings us outside there is almost a sense of vertigo at the seemingly endless water.

Lee can be found at and ASHES IN THE OCEAN can be viewed at the ICP School Library.

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