Young Capa

Combing the Cornell Capa papers, we came across an envelope with a mysterious note. One Emery Florian from Jackson Heights, Queens writes to Edie and Cornell: cornell_capa_papers-class_portrait-01

Dear Everyone of You:

Enclosed is a very valuable photo which was taken a couple of years ago. I wish we would be that young again!

After you have enjoyed the picture, please return it or call us. I would like to introduce my wife to you – why don’t we go out one day?

Unfortunately for Florian, the photo was not returned but I hope he and his old friend were able to reconnect after relocated in the United States.

Class of 1935-1936

Can any astute readers identify our hero, Cornell Capa? This archivist always starts by looking for those distinct eyebrows…

Keep reading to find out which young student grew up to be the founder of ICP.

Have you guessed? I imagine you all sitting with rapt anticipation…

A birthday card for Cornell Capa

Cornel, or a young Kornel Friedmann, aged 17 is located in the first column on the left, the second image down.

17 year old Cornell or Kornel.

Only  one mystery then remains: Who is Emery Florian? Did he also change his name after moving from Hungary?

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