Cornell Capa in Japan 1968

Cornell Capa on Japanese Television in 1968.



From the Cornell Capa Papers: The TV Monitor Report documenting the occasion of Cornell Capa on Japanese television. The TV program on Robert Capa and the Concerned Photographer exhibit went on the air August 4th 1968 at 11pm for 30 minutes on NET-TV. The show was recorded on August 3rd at 6pm.

The Concerned Photographer Exhibit opened in Tokyo’s Ginza Matsuya Department Store August 9 – 21 1968 and consisted of about 350 photographs many enlarged to 4 to 6 ft. The exhibition was co-sponsored by Mainichi Shinbun Ltd. and the Encyclopedia Britannica (Japan).

Cornell installing the Concerned Photographer show in Tokyo and André Kertész at the opening in Tokyo 1968.

Some Notes on Capa in Japan:

  • Robert Capa was in Tokyo in April of 1954 covering for a LIFE photographer for a couple of weeks. After which he went to Vietnam, never to return . . .
  • The Japanese kept the title as The Concerned Photographer because they were unable to translate it. The Japanese sub-title was ‘Witness of Our Times’ (they invented it).
  • The entrance for The Concerned Photographer Exhibition at Tokyo’s Ginza Matsuya Department Store was 150 yen and 100 yen for students.

Princess Takamatsu and Cornell Capa at the opening of the Concerned Photographer Exhibition in Tokyo 1968. cornell_capa_papers-japan_trip001

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