A New Edition to the Library Reader Resources Series

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The ICP Library has several reader resources that guests can come and use to find photography books on a particular subject. Some in the past have been female photographers or wartime photography. The newest edition to this series is “Photography of adolescence.”  This new resource will provide readers with a general selection about the photography of youth. We will feature some examples of books on this post, and we hope that everyone will come check this resource out!

-Zoë Gleitsman and Akari Stimler


Greenfield, Lauren. Fast Forward: Growing up in the shadow of Hollywood. New York: Belcher Media Inc., 1997.

Levitt, Danielle. We are Experienced. New York: powerHouse Books, 2008.

McBride, Will. Coming of Age. New York: Aperture Foundation, 1999.

Meene, Hellen van. New Work. Amsterdam: Museum Folkwang Essen, 2006.

Reed, Rita. Growing up Gay: The Sorrows and Joys of Gay and Lesbian Adolescence. New York: Norton and Company Inc., 1997.

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