All at Once: Artist Books and Zines by the ICP-Bard MFA Class of 2016

ICP Library Window Exhibition

April 1 – May 22, 2016


A selection of artist books and zines by the ICP-Bard MFA Class of 2016 is on display in conjunction with the group show, All at Once. As diverse as the student body, the resulting books encompass formats from a scroll to a Rolodex to a fine art collage. These books are not simply vehicles to showcase preexisting bodies of work; they are object in their own right. For these artists, bookmaking has become another form of expression that deepens their practice.

Cohen, Matthew. Grove Street. 2015

Cohen, Matthew.  Marker. 2015
Cohen, Matthew. Summer Nights, Scanning. 2015
Larrosa, Ivana. Once More 39 Artists. 2015
Lee, Minny. Million Years. 2015
Lee, Minny. Souvenir. 2015
Lee, Minny.  Resonance. 2015
Melendez, Groana. Pasaporte. 2015
Melendez, Groana. All the Places I’ve Lived In. 2015
Monteiro, Bia. Mermaids. 2015
Naranjo Sandoval, Martha. Untitled, 2015
Naranjo Sandoval, Martha. Petén 411. 2015
Naranjo Sandoval, Martha. Ecuador. 2016
Papa, Matthew. Twentysix Likes on Tumblr. 2015
Papa, Matthew. Only Part of the Picture. 2015
Puche, Verónica. My Backyard. 2015
Puche, Verónica. 21 Friends and Some Strangers. 2015
Puche, Verónica. She Only Kisses Underwater. 2015
Sorrentino, Katrina. I Am Thinking of You Always, Even Now. 2015

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