Teen Academy Photo II in Black-and-White: The Self-Published Artist in the Library’s Window


The invention of the printing press forever changed how information is spread, enabling artists to find new audiences beyond their immediate spheres of influence. Even in today’s screen-based society, photographers use homemade books and zines to extend the reach of their work to bookstores, collections, art fairs, and library shelves across the globe. In Lesly Deschler Canossi’s Teen Academy class, Photo II in Black-and-White: The Self-Published Artist, seventeen students produced silver gelatin prints, using them as source material for self-publishing. Through alternative methods such as photo collage, sandwiched and scratched negatives, zine and poster production, students expanded their understanding of the possibilities of image-making, learning how to use independent channels of distribution as a way to reach larger and more diverse audiences. By the end of the course, students developed a portfolio of prints, an artist’s statement, and a handmade book or zine.

Please join us to celebrate the achievements of our teen photographers. The ICP Library and Teen Academy program are proud to present a selection of self-published books authored by students who participated in the fall class, Photo II in Black-and-White: The Self-Published Artist on JANUARY 29, 6-8 PM International Center of Photography Library 1114 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street New York, NY



Participating Artists:

Dara Doft:KK1A1236.jpg

Ian Gordon:KK1A1415.jpg

Eve Bishop:_MG_9408.jpg

Clara Choate:_MG_9438.jpg

Izzi Held:KK1A1465.jpg

Karmeen Ho:KK1A1394.jpg

Matias Mollin:KK1A1445.jpg

Olivia Oldham:KK1A1247.jpg

Livvy Ferrari:KK1A1383.jpg

Harmony Morgan:KK1A1491.jpg

Akari Stimler:KK1A1204.jpg

Nell Pittman:KK1A1349.jpg

Zoe Gleitsman:KK1A1258.jpg

Nisida Spera:KK1A1284.jpg

Tiffany Duran:_MG_9422.jpg

Vivian Jackson:KK1A1436.jpg

Liana Porto:KK1A1321.jpg


ICP’s Teen Academy program serves more than 600 high school students a year—50 percent of whom receive scholarships—with the goal of fostering skills in self-expression and community development amongst a diverse group of teens. Teen Academy offers a range of opportunities for students to develop their knowledge of photography, critical thinking, writing, and public speaking. Courses include seasonal 10-week classes in black-and-white and color darkroom instruction, digital intensives, and Imagemakers, a yearlong advanced program. All curricula include: photographic and writing assignments, visual presentations, discussions, critiques, field trips, guest artist visits, and culminating presentations for family and friends, celebrating the students’ achievements.

Teen Academy is made possible with generous support from the Altman Foundation, William Randolph Hearst Foundation, Ravenel And Elizabeth Curry Foundation, The Norman and Heewon Cerk Gift Fund, The Chervenak-Nunnalle Foundation, The Houston Family Foundation, Susan and Thomas Dunn, Keith Haring Foundation, The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Stuart Z. Katz and Jane Martin, Joseph Alexander Foundation, Select Equity Group, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

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