ICP Library’s Book Cover Project

Have you heard any buzz yet about ICP’s forthcoming website?

In December the developers asked us to explore the possibility of getting really visual with our library collection, and we jumped at the opportunity.

Web art connoisseurs are already really used to seeing beautiful images of art in cultural organizations. We in ICP Library recognize that these items that delight us with their informational value also are aesthetic objects, and so stay tuned for a new way of seeing the library no matter where you are.

To celebrate, this week we will be launching a weekly trivia game for the photobook cognoscenti…a detail of an important photobook cover will be presented on our Twitter feed @ICPLibrary and those submitting correct answers will qualify for a monthly drawing to receive a thoughtful gift from us. One winner per month.

So, follow us on Twitter, or look for #ICPLphotobookT [ICP Library photo book trivia] and try your skill!

We will post the new clue each Wednesday and reveal the answer the following Friday. Like the New York Times crossword puzzle, we will aim to make them progressively more challenging.

The first mysterious sample is below.



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3 thoughts on “ICP Library’s Book Cover Project”

  1. Deirdre,

    What a great idea ! However, if this is an easy one I start stumped already. I won’t get discouraged, have a to know some of them


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