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an exhibition of
books about photobooks
October-December 2014

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Welcome to the launch of the PhotoBiblioMania project at the ICP library. Please peruse our initial compilation of a bibliography of books about photobooks [see below] along with some thoughts on a taxonomy and criteria for evaluation. We very much are looking for this to be a continuing and expanding effort and eagerly solicit suggestions around
– Additions/corrections to the bibliography
– Comments/thoughts on the taxonomy and criteria
– Input to developing a template for the reference data on photobooks in books on photobooks (technical specs, design, production, edition, extras/inserts, etc.)
– Anything else you might think of!

Feel free to post comments or to send to Dave Solo ( and Matthew Carson ( We’ll update the content periodically and, who knows, maybe even turn it into a publication one day.

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Books about photobooks have been a rapidly expanding subject for the past few years, with seemingly several appearing every month – whether broad surveys, single photographer or country/region references, exhibition catalogs, etc. The first Book on Books on Artist Books appeared a few years ago to further establish this as a category and I’ve been collecting them (as a subset of the overall photo/artist book collection) for a number of years. They are both reference material and also sometimes wonderfully made books in their own right (they’re also alas a way of expanding one’s wishlist, too).

It’s also been an opportunity to start thinking about both a taxonomy of books on photobooks and about criteria for what makes a more or less successful one and I’m hoping this might be an opportunity to instigate more discussion about that topic.

• Single artist “catalog raisonne” style
• Locality based survey (country, city, region, etc.)
o introduction
o creating a canon
• Broad survey
o general introduction
o creating a canon
o Period based (books of a decade)
o Topical (nudes, propaganda, etc.)
• Detailed study/critical
o Essays
o In depth analysis (often on a single book or focused set of books)
o Scholarly publications (e.g. dissertations, specialist, academic)
o Interviews/dialogs
• how-to books

• Selection (the most important criterion: how does the choice fit the objective; completeness; inclusion of some “new” items; was it meant to be idiosyncratic or authoritative; number of books)
• Book design (is it itself an interesting object and does the design serve the purpose)
• Bibliographic details (often a frustrating element – does the book provide comprehensive bibliographic information on the selected books)
• Reproductions (will vary significantly depending on the purpose of the book – quality, number and choice of spreads, inclusion of cover)
• Writing (are the choices explained, is there interesting additional information provided on the books (especially around their design and history), is it well written/edited)
• Impact/influence
• Audience (collector, scholar, artist/bookmaker/designer, librarian, general)

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PhotoBiblioMania – the Bibliography


McCausland, Elizabeth. “Photographic Books”, Complete Photographer Vol. 8, Issue 43
New York: National Educational Alliance, 1942

Goldschmidt, Lucien & Naef, Weston J. The Truthful Lens – A Survey of the Photographically Illustrated Book, 1844-1914
New York: Grolier Club, 1980

the canon

Fernández, Horacio. Fotografía Pública – Photography in Print, 1919-1939
Madrid: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía & Aldeasa (pub.), 1999
TR145.F67 1999

Parr, Martin & Badger, Gerry. The Photobook: A History, Volume l
London: Phaidon, 2004
TR15.P37 2004

Parr, Martin & Badger, Gerry. The Photobook: A History, Volume II
London: Phaidon, 2006
TR15.P37 2006

Parr, Martin & Badger, Gerry. The Photobook: A History, Volume III
London: Phaidon, 2014
TR15.P37 2014

Roth, Andrew. The Book of 101 Books – Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century
New York: PPP Editions in association with Roth Horowitz LLC, 2001
TR145.B66 2001

Roth, Andrew. The Open Book – A History of the Photographic Book from 1878 to the Present
Göteborg, Sweden: Hasselblad Center, 2004
TR145.O64 2004

single artist

Iizawa, Kotaro. Arakibon 1970-2005 – A Book of Araki Books!
Tokyo: Bijutsu Shuppan-sha, 2006
TR145.A72 2006

Kohara, Masashi & Nagahara, Koji. Shashin shūkyō Arākī – Ararchy Photobook Mania
Shizuoka: Izu Photo Museum & Nohara, 2012
TR647.A72 2012

Schube, Inka. Boris Mikhailov: Bücher – Strukturen des Wahnsinns, oder warum Hirten in den Bergen oft verrückt warden – Fotomanie auf der Krim; Boris Mikhailov: Books – Structures of Madness, or Why Shepherds Living in the Mountains Often Go Crazy – Photomania in Crimea
Hannover: Sprengel Museum; Köln: Walther König, 2013
TR140.M354 2013

Basilico, Gabriele. Photo Books 1978-2005
Mantova, Italy: M. Corraini, 2006

Suzuki, Kiyoshi. Soul and Soul 1969-1999
Groningen, NL: Stichting Aurora Borealis & Noorderlicht, 2008
TR647.S891 2008


Morioka, Yoshiyuki. Nihon no taigai senden gurafu-shi – Books on Japan 1931-1972
Tokyo: BNN, Inc., 2012
TR145.M67 2012

Kaneko, Ryūichi & Vartanian, Ivan. Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and ’70s
New York: Aperture, 2009
TR105.K36 2009

Carson, Matthew; Lang, Michael; Lederman, Russet & Yatskevitch, Olga. 10×10 Japanese Photobooks
New York: 10×10 Photobooks, 2014

Kern, Magrit. España a través de la cámara
Leipzig: Plöttner, 2008

Fernández, Horacio. Photobooks Spain 1905-1977
Madrid: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia & Acción Cultural Española, 2014

Núñez, José Arturo Rodríguez. Hojeando . . . Cuatro décades de libros y revisits de artista en España = Leafing . . . Four Decades of Artists’ Books and Magazines in Spain
Madrid: Sociedad Estatal para la Acción Cultural (SEACEX), 2008

Scholz-Hänsel, Michael. Spanien im Fotobuch – von Kurt Hielscher bis Mireia Sentís – eine imaginäre Reise von Barcelona in die Extremadura
Leipzig: Plöttner, 2007

Wiegand, Thomas. Deutschland im Fotobuch – 287 Fotobücher zum Thema Deutschland aus der Zeit von 1915 bis 2009
Göttingen, Germany: Steidl, 2011
TR145.W54 2011

Koetzle, Hans-Michael. Eyes on Paris – Paris im Fotobuch – 1890 bis heute
Hamburg: Haus der Photographie, Deichtorhallen; Munich: Hirmer Verlag GmbH, 2011

Bouqueret, Christian. Paris, les livres de photographie, des années 1920 aux années 1950
Paris: Gründ, 2012

Pfrunder, Peter; Gasser, Martin & Münzenmaier, Sabine. Swiss Photobooks from 1927 to the Present – A Different History of Photography
Winthertur, Switzerland: Fotostiftung Schweiz; Baden, Switzerland: Lars Müller Publishers, 2012
TR145.S39 2012

Brunner, Laurenz & Wälchli, Tan. The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2007 – Back to the Future Book – Vol. 1 – The Past Issue
Bern: Bundesamt für Kultur, 2008
TR145.M67 2007

Brunner, Laurenz & Wälchli, Tan. The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2008 – Vol. 2 – The Present Issue
Bern: Bundesamt für Kultur, 2008
TR145.M67 2008

Brunner, Laurenz & Wälchli, Tan. The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2009 – Vol. 3 – The Future Issue
Bern: Bundesamt für Kultur, 2010
TR145.M67 2008

Lehmann, Aude & Wälchli, Tan. The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2010
Bern: Swiss Federal Office of Culture, 2011
TR145.M67 2010

Lehmann, Aude & Wälchli, Tan. The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2011
Bern: Swiss Federal Office of Culture, 2012
TR145.M67 2011

Lehmann, Aude & Wälchli, Tan. The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2012
Bern: Swiss Federal Office of Culture, 2013
TR145.M67 2012

Gierstberg, Frits & Suermondt, Rik. The Dutch Photobook – A Thematic Selection from 1945 Onwards
Rotterdam: NAI, 2012
TR145.D87 2012

Eskola, Taneli. Suomen painettua valokuvataidetta 1966-2003 – Finnish Photo Books 1966-2003
Helsinki: Musta Taide, 2003

Novospasskiĭ, V. (Vilenin). Fotografii︠a︡ v knige
Moskva: Izd-vo “Kniga”, 1973.
TR145.N68 1973

Toman, Jindřich. Modern Czech Book 2 – Foto/montáž tiskem – Photo/Montage in Print
Prague: Kant, 2009

Fernández, Horacio. El Fotolibro Latinoamericano
Mexico City: Editorial RM, 2011
TR145.F47 2011

Fernández, Horacio. The Latin American Photobook
New York: Aperture; Mexico City: Fundación Televisa, 2011
TR145.F47 2011

Villaro, Leandro. The Photobook in Argentina
New York: Library of the International Center of Photography & Leandro Villaro, 2011
R TR145.V555 P46 2011

Villaro, Lenadro. The Photobook in Chile
New York: Library of the International Center of Photography & Leandro Villaro, 2014
TR145.V555 2014

Sira, Victor. Venezuelan Photobooks & Catalogues
New York: Library of the International Center of Photography, 2010
R TR145.S571 2010

Carson, Matthew; Lederman, Russet & Yatskevitch, Olga. 10×10 American Photobooks
New York: 10×10 Photobooks & bookdummypress, 2013
R TR145.A44 2013


Heiting, Manfred & Jaeger, Roland. Autopsie – deutschsprachige Fotobücher 1918 bis 1945
Göttingen, Germany: Steidl, 2012
TR145.A87 2012

Schäfke, Werner & Heuberger, Roman. Köln und seine Fotobücher – Fotografie in Köln, aus Köln, für Köln – im Fotobuch von 1853 bis 2010
Köln: Hermann-Josef Emons Verlag, 2010
TR145.K64 2010

Wye, Deborah & Weitman, Wendy. Eye on Europe – Prints, Books & Multiples – 1960 to Now
New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 2006
TR145.W94 2006

Bertolotti, Alessandro. Books of Nudes
New York: Abrams, 2007
TR674.B47 2007

Karasik, Mikhail. Парадная книга Страны Советов – Great Stalinist Photographic Books
Moscow: Kontakt-kulʹtura, 2007
TR85.K37 2007

Foster, Sheila J.; Heiting, Manfred & Stuhlman, Rachel. Imagining Paradise – The Richard and Ronay Menschel Library at George Eastman House, Rochester
Göttingen, Germany: Steidl; Rochester, NY: George Eastman House, 2007
TR145.J42 2007

Desachy, Éric & Mandery, Guy. La Guilde du livre – les albums photographiques, Lausanne 1941-1977
Melun: Les Yeux Ouverts, 2012

Kessels, Erik & Kooiker, Paul. Terribly Awesome Photobooks APE#24
Brussels: Art Paper Editions, 2012
R TR145.K4812 2012

Kessels, Erik & Kooiker, Paul. Incredibly Small Photobooks
Ghent, Belgium: Art Paper Editions, 2013

Dickel, Hans. Künstlerbücher mit Photographie seit 1960
Hamburg: Maximilian-Gesellschaft, 2008

Keuken, Johan van der. Paris Mortel retouché
Amsterdam: Van Zoetendaal Publishers, 2013

Di Bello, Patrizia. The Photobook, from Talbot to Ruscha and Beyond
London: Tauris, 2012

Auer, Michel & Auer, Michèle. Photo Books – 802 Books from the M.+M. Auer Collection
Hermance, Switzerland: Editions M. + M., 2007
TR145.P46 2007

Debat, Michelle. La photographie et le livre – analyse de leurs rapports multiformes, nature de la photographie, statut du livre
Paris: Trans photographic press, 2003

Mora, Gilles & Nori, Claude, Les Cahiers de la photographie – Les espaces photographiques
Laplume, France: A.C.C.P, 1982

Machiguchi, Satoshi. 1000 [One thousand]
Japan: 1000BUNKO, 2013

Newhall, Beaumont. Photography and the Book (Delivered on the occasion of the eighth Bromsen Lecture, May 3, 1980)
Boston: Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston, 1983
TR15.N49 1983

Wilkie, Theresa; Carson, Jonathan & Miller, Rosie. Photography and the Artist’s Book
Edinburgh: MuseumsEtc Ltd, 2012
TR179.5.W55.P46 2012

Dugan, Thomas. Photography Between Covers – Interviews With Photo-bookmakers
Rochester, NY: Light Impressions, 1979

Lebeck, Robert & Dewitz, Bodo von. Kiosk – eine Geschichte der Fotoreportage 1839-1973 – A History of Photojournalism
Göttingen, Germany: Steidl, 2001
TR820.K56 2001

Himes, Darius & Leclair, Larissa. A Survey of Documentary Styles in Early 21st Century Photobooks, Exhibition Catalog – Selections from the Indie Photobook Library
Washington, DC: Indie Photobook Library, 2012

Grigolin, Fernanda. Experiencias de Artistas: Entre a Fotografia e a Livre
– Artists Experiences: Approximations Between Photography and the Book
Sao Jose des Campos, Brazil: XII Prêmio Funarte Marc Ferrez de Fotografia, 2012
TR145.G75 2012

Laurent, David. BOPB: Best of Photobooks – le Meilleur des livers photos
Paris: David Laurent, 2012

Koetzle, Hans-Michael. Photographers A-Z
Köln: Taschen, 2011

Ewing, William A. & Herschdorfer, Nathalie. Impressions en continu – l’art du liver.
Göttingen, Germany: Steidl; Lausanne: Elysée Lausanne, 2009

Various Artists. OTB.14, Samplings from one thousand books art book festival
Copenhagen: Lodret Vandret , 2014.
TR145.O85 2014

Glenn Horowitz Bookseller. Books on Photography
East Hampton, NY: Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, 1996
TR145.R68 1996

Glenn Horowitz Bookseller. Books on Photography II
East Hampton, NY: Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, 1997
TR145.G54 1997

Roth-Horowitz. Books on Photography III
New York: Roth Horowitz, 1999

Roth, Andrew. Provoke Catalogue by Andrew Roth.
New York: Roth Horowitz, 1999

Donohue, Deirdre & Ferreira de Andrade, Joaquim Marc̦al. Publicaciones sobre libros fotográficos y fotografía impresa
La Plata, Argentina: Leandro Villaro and Biblioteca Pública de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata, 2014.
TR145.P83 2014

Neumüller, Moritz; González, Ángel Luis. Martin Parr’s best books of the decade
Dublin: PhotoIreland, 2011.
TR145.P37 2011

Fárová, Anna. Anna Fárová & photography from 1956 to present
Prague: Langhans Galerie, 2006.
TR145.F271 2006

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4 thoughts on “PhotoBiblioMania at the ICP Library”

  1. It’s not in the list but you probably know this ‘early’ title on Dutch photobooks ‘Photography between covers / Foto in omslag’ subtitled ‘The Dutch documentary photobook after 1945’. It was published in 1989 and one of the authors is Rik Suermondt (see also the recent ‘The Durch Photobook’), It has lots of illustrations – all B/W – and some good essays.

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