i’ll give you a name if you make me a mask, it doesn’t have to suit me, if i can lie, i’ll have my eye on you and me, a mask where the face becomes the place, a photograph and its effect, i simply want to see something, a starting point where i don’t seek my own face but the authentic me, i know it’s fake, you know that i know it’s fake and you are not ashamed.




i’ll give you a mask if my name gets me a psychological clearing, a way to connect and leave at will, evidence of me, visibility for things to come, i’m interested in how they let me in, not how they feel, to remind me of something i didn’t make, my need for opened doors and the fear of getting out and not hearing again.




photographs from the book Masquerade by photographer Inge Morath & artist Saul Steinberg from the late 1950s and early 1960s.

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